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1.1. Course Description
Not all businesses are created equal. More often than not organizations spend resources developing and marketing new products/services only to discover that consumer response is far less ecstatic than expected. The reality is that in most cases consumers are indifferent about businesses offerings – they simple do not care. To succeed business must make a more compelling case than it is today – in terms of consumer experience, deeper purpose, social value, and greater inspiration for consumers as well as employees. Effective marketing management requires a clear understanding of consumers and the market in general. The aims of this course are to help participants understand how marketing contributes to a business’ competitiveness and survival and to provide participants with critical strategic marketing insights, tools, and techniques.
Understanding marketing will help you whether you are an accountant, a consultant, a programmer, a banker, or a hospital manager. Appreciating customer needs and how to marshal the resources of an organization to meet those needs are crucial skills in today’s business world. This course develops a general management viewpoint in planning and evaluating marketing decisions, from both a strategic and tactical perspectives. It will help students understand how marketing decisions contribute to business performance and are affected by organizational and environmental influences. This course will help develop the following:
? An understanding of fundamental marketing terms, concepts, principles, ideas and theories.
? An appreciation of the multifaceted role of marketing within organizations.
? An understanding of how marketing contributes to customer relationship building.
? An understanding of the close relationship between distribution, marketing communication, brand management, and innovation.
? Skills in using the marketing toolkit for competitive advantage.
? Critical thinking and communication skills relating to marketing.
1.2. Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Knowledge Objectives: The main knowledge objectives of the course are to understand:
• How marketing contributes to the firm’s survival and growth
• How marketing plans are developed and implemented
• The fundamental concepts and ideas in marketing
2. Skill Objectives: The main skill objectives of the course are to enable students to develop:
• The conceptual, technical and interpersonal skills managers need to communicate effectively in the business world
• The analytical skills needed to analyse a company’s customers and external environment
• Evaluate the success of product and service strategies based on their understanding of consumer behaviour, pricing and distribution
• Critically examine the development of new business opportunities including brand extension strategies
• Manage the optimal mix of relationship marketing strategies needed to create superior value for consumers and business organisations
• How to manage a market strategically
• The ability to work with others in groups and solve market-related problems
The Assignment
Marketing Assignment – Individual
The main objective of this assignment is to facilitate your understanding of the principles and practices of Marketing Management concepts with an applicable case study. It is intended that you will be able to comprehend and blend the theory with the practice of these disciplines through self-study and case study techniques.
After having gained some understanding of each aspect of Marketing Management by participating in the lectures and discussions, you are expected to read carefully other resources available online on the internet in order to write an assignment in an academic format at MBA level.
1. Refer to the case provided to you, and address the 2 case study questions.
2. Use theory/concepts from the relevant topics/chapters top address the case study questions.
3. Background reading is essential and should include 2 journal papers, business magazine/s (one or two readings) that relate to your case, visit the organization’s website, and use it in your discussion.
4. Discussion of each questions should be between 250-300 words.

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