how to mobilise creativity and innovation to support continuous innovation in your organization

As it was before, I am required to write about PDO (Petroleum Development Oman)

Assignment 1 feedback ;

“(A clearer introduction and executive summary would be better.

Try to integrate a wider range of academic opinion about creativity as a concept in business. Show more awareness of key academic debates on this subject, especially blocks, and discuss appropriate models in more detail.

Whilst there is some analysis of what happens at PDO, in places the depth of analysis could be greater.

The recommendations section is quite good and you have shown that you can develop your ideas. The conclusion could be expanded.)”

Assignment 2;

Building on your recommendations from Assignment 1, critically analyse, evaluate and synthesise how creativity and innovation might be mobilised and sustained in the context of your work organisation.

  • You are required to critically analyse, evaluate and synthesis how to mobilise creativity and innovation to support continuous innovation in your organization. For example, application of climate models, and creative leadership in taking ideas forward through strategies, processes and the development of innovation capabilities that are directly aligned to sustain continuous innovation.
  • You will then need to demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical appreciation of the process of creativity and innovation drawing on contemporary theories to support your evaluation and synthesis.
  • You will develop a plan to promote creativity and innovation in the context of your organisation supported by contemporary quality academic perspectives. You will need to include an in-depth literature review critically evaluating alternative contemporary perspectives in order to draw meaningful conclusions and develop feasible recommendations.
  • You will present your analysis and plan in report format of approximately 1500 words excluding references and appendices.

You are not permitted to use a case study of your own choice unless approved in advance by the UK tutor. Use of an unapproved alternative case study will result in failure of the assignment.

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