Human Resource Management and Professional Development –

Human Resource Management and Professional Development
Order Description
This is a re-set assignment(assignment 2) in human resources management. Word limit 3000 – or + 10%. I paid for 10 double space pages and this should be enough words to cover the topic. As it is a re-set assignment, it is my last chance to pass this course therefore it is very important to pass. Full guidance and studying material are provided in my Moodle account. Please access my Moodle account to access studying materials and guidance on how to do the assignment and this will be under Human Resource Management and Professional Development section in Moodle. As part of this assignment you have to choose an organisation and critically evaluate its HR policy and practice using relevant theories and frame works and identify areas for improvement. I will be attaching the assignment brief with is order and the studying materials and example of an organisation will be in Moodle. The assignment brief will explain details of the tasks required. Please read all the studying materials and guidance in moodle to understand what is required in the assignment. Uses as many reference as appropriate. Moodle details:
Username: four, eight, seven, six, four, three. Please type these as digit and I only did it this way because your system will automatically delete it if I write it as digits.

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