Infrared lab report –

Infrared lab report
Paper details:
For the Infrared Lab, you will practice writing the discussion section of the lab report. It is difficult to specify exactly how long this section should be since this is one part of the lab report that will be very different for
different labs, but this is generally the longest section of any lab report
In general this section should contain a recap of what you actually did and what data you collected or observations you made, what the data or observations you made mean, how you analyzed the data
or interpreted the observations, and what you learned from the data analysis or interpretation.
For this experiment, the discussion section should include the following:
1) A brief summary of how the IR spectrometer works, including the advantages of the ATR over the transmission method. Include a SKETCH of the ATR apparatus at the molecular level showing the evanescent wave, the reflected light and a schematic liquid sample. Your sketch should be VERY CLEAR AND LEGIBLE. You can photograph it with your phone to electronically paste into your report, it should be clear, STRAIGHT/ALIGNED properly on the page, i.e. take care doing this.
2) A brief discussion of how the frequencies of the individual bands or peaks in the IR spectrum provide information about the functional groups AND how this information might HELP you to identify an unknown compound. Specifically, you can only really do this if you have authentic spectra to compare to since just knowing it is a ketone, for example, isn’t enough to know exactly WHICH ketone, etc.
3) A brief description of how you analyzed the frequencies for your particular TWO samples, in this case it will include a description of exactly which functional groups you identified. You will need to include a PICTURE of BOTH of your IR spectra with the functional group peaks properly labeled, similar to the examples shown earlier in this package. Again, you can paste a picture of your spectra, but EVERYTHING on the spectra MUST BE CLEARLY LEGIBLE, if necessary, go over any text on your printed spectra in black pen to ensure legibility,. Your pasted spectra should be large, STRAIGHT and clear, take care doing this.
4) A brief description of how you identified your unknowns, how you eliminated possible structures and how you confirmed identity of the unknowns.
5) A brief summary of what you learned from the lab, i.e. what you learned about how IR is useful and how it can be used.

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