make a popwepoint for this essay


The Presentation should contain the following sections:

• • • • • • • •

  1. Title with Student’s name and Research Project title
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Background
  5. Results
  6. Conclusions
  7. Works Cited

Visual Presentation Tips:

  • The first visual should be equivalent to the title page of the paper.
  • Your second slide should state your research topic & thesis
  • Visuals should be brief, simple, and uncluttered. Focus on important information. Each visual should make one simple statement and supplement your thesis statement.
  • Use good judgment in determining the number of visuals and balance their contents. Although you do not want to quickly flash multiple visuals, you should not spend too much time on a single visual either. Typically, a visual should represent an example e.g. like in a paragraph
  • If you can read the slides without a magnifier, people in an audience could probably read them on the screen.

Grading Criteria:

Reseach Visual Design:

  • Clarity in stating the topic & thesis stance
  • Identification of important sources to support your thesis
  • Appropriateness of research to the topic
  • Recognition of limitations in the data
  • Acknowledgement of counter-arguments
  • Synthesis of research
  • Degree to which the data supported the conclusions
  • Originality of the research topic


  • Effective use of tables and/or figures in presenting data
  • Accuracy of spelling and grammar
  • Neatness and organization of presentation
  • Logical flow of slides
  • Balance between text and visuals
  • Readability of slides

MLA citation:

  • All 8 sources from the annotated bibliography are included in a thoughtful and useful way
  • All sources used are cited in-text with MLA
  • All sources are cited in a Works Cited that follows MLA citation rules
  • All visuals are cited with MLA for visual images and on the Works Cited page
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