MARKETING _ please read everything before you send me a handshake

Step 1

Make a chart of the popcorn brands listed in the table (See Appendix 2). You will need to list any varieties they come in, the name of their manufacturer, the unit price, and key points from the copy and graphics on the package.

To complete question one, you simply need to fill in the table found in Appendix 2 and be consistent with the information provided in the following table.

You need to use the format I am giving you.  Do not use a .pdf file in this assignment. 


Product Category:  Popcorn

Brand Name


Name of Manufacturer

Unit Price*




Make sure you list all of them!




The name that is listed on the package may NOT be the parent manufacturer.  You need to research this outside of the store!

Unit Price is Not the Retail Price.  See note below.

Look on the product packaging for key product information and answer the following questions

  1. What copy (text) are they using?
  2. What illustrations?
  3. What is the overall image of the product? (fun, hip, etc.). 

You need to give me specific details!  You cannot simply paste a photograph/image of the product here.  You must describe the image/graphics and text.






Note on Unit Price

The unit price is the price per pound, per ounce, per fluid ounce, etc. that allows you to compare products that come in different size packages.  However, you should try to use the unit price for the one size that seems to be the most common (the “standard” size) for your category. 

The price per package for a large size package will, of course, be more expensive than the price per package for a small size package.  However, the unit price (price per ounce, etc.) will generally be lower for a large size than the unit price for a small size, because manufacturers must offer some price incentive for the consumer to buy a larger quantity of a product. 

Therefore, to compare “apples to apples,” so to speak, one needs to compare the unit price of one size across the category, if possible.

Step 2

Subdivide your category using all of the brands/varieties (11 in all) that you completed the store audit.Use an outline or chart for this (see example below) – this should not be in paragraph format. You need to provide 4 ways to subdivide your category using the following items.  In some cases it will be appropriate to have more than 3 categories within a subdivision.  For example, there could be more than three flavor types of popcorn.


Be as specific as possible in your description (i.e. subdivisions of each division and a list of the brands that fall under each).  For example, for price: note the specific price range that is high and what brands fall within that; note the price range that is medium and what brands fall within that;  note the price range that is low and what brands fall within that.  You need to include at least 4 category subdivisions. You can use these subdivision or others that you deem more appropriate.





Step 3

List what manufacturer (NOT BRANDS) appear to be the category leaders (i.e. have the most varieties/types of products on the shelves?)

List what manufacturers (NOT BRANDS) appear to be niche marketers?  (i.e. having only one or perhaps, two varieties that are targeted at small group(s) of individuals).



Step 4

Answer the discussion for questions in small paragrapghs, you will find an attachment marked in green for both questions


NOTE: use the charts like the one listed.


please read everything before you send me a handshake

I need it perfect it is worth 30% of the grade 


thank you

you will find the pictures of the popcorn attached 


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