Medical Sociology Final –

Please use all of the attached files to answer the questions posted below. This is a final term paper so it is important that information from the attached files are included in the paper. Please read all papers, disregard the irrelevant ones and use the one that are related as soruce of informaton.
all information that you need is in the papers, inaddition outside sources from the internet are acceptable once you run out o informtion to talk about from the attached articles.
Please answer both questions. Each answer should be about 1500 words. Please include a bibliography of all of the sources you cite.
1. Using course readings and class discussions, please describe what medical education is like in the United States today. In what ways has medical education changed since early US medicine in the 1850s? Why has medical education changed so drastically from 1850 until today?
2. Using course readings and class discussions, please describe framing and how it relates to medicine. Next, do independent research (okay if from online sources, but cite it) on the anti-vaccination movement and responses to the anti-vaccination movement. Then, describe these movements. What are some different ways people frame vaccinations, and why might these different frames be important for health outcomes?

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