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In your journal entry, evaluate your practicum experience for
this course, including reflection on your development as a
scholar-practitioner and nurse leader.
Complete and submit an evaluation of your practicum
experiences – Practicum involved Clinical research project
on nursing students overcoming mandatory flu vaccine,
understanding their perception, Goal is that with education
they changed their perspective.
Some of my insights during this practicum highlighted:
(Practicum – experience was interesting with the
professionals and organizations met, both nationally and
internationally – however, challenges were with meetings
with preceptor who changed appointments or had other
plans at the expense of the student; therefore the ability to
get the involvement of stakeholders interested in the project
without wavering from beginning to end was a valuable
In order to do a thoughtful reflection, begin preparing for
that as soon as possible. Consider how your skills and
knowledge have grown in the following areas as you prepare
your self-evaluation:
Program – I am getting a DNP
• Leadership – (one of my example) I became governmental
• Advanced nursing practice –
• Promoting quality improvement
• Improving health outcomes
• Informing health care policy
Review the Practicum Experience Evaluation document
found in this week’s Learning Resources for further
instructions on what you may include in your evaluation.
Define actual and emerging problems (MY PROJECT
PROBLEM IS STUDENT NURSES overcoming barriers of
mandatory flu vaccine in order to do clinical rotation in the
hospital setting) as they relate to aggregate systems in the
delivery of healthcare.
1. What are the key problems or issues related to the
students’ specialization? Students may consult the literature
as well as their preceptor and practicum-setting leaders.
2. Review current nursing professional practice standards
(ANA, AACN) as identified in coursework (ie: 1.
Implementation of Evidence based project relating to flu
vaccine among students or Health care students/workers
(EBP)2. Evaluation of EBP regarding project topic. 3.
Implications of EBP and 4. dissemination of the findings of
implications of EBP with nursing students or healthcare
workers getting the flu
Must have references – scholarly done.

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