planning training strategies –

planning training strategies
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Expressing and Measuring Learning
Mager text:
· Preparing Instructional Objectives, Chapters 1 through 10
· How to Turn Learners On…Without Turning them Off, Chapters 10-12
Answer the following as completely as possible using the information you have now assimilated from your reading assignment and the study notes (2-3pages).
For each stated objective/ learning outcome statement below explain which are attainable (and why) and which are measurable (and why). (Be aware that attainable need not necessarily be readily measurable and those objectives that may not be easily attainable could possibly be measurable.)
· There will never be any accidents on this job.
· The accident rate can be reduced.
· Employees have the proper attitude about safety.
· Employees can be taught to operate equipment according to standard operating procedures.
· Employees appreciate the safety procedures identified in the safety handbook.
· Employees are expected to complete the “incident reports” as a follow up to an accident on the job.
· Employees can be trained to correctly perform each task for their position.

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