primary source response for part ii test choose 2 of the following questions to answer make sure you answer all of the embedded questions and part ii test short answer responses in 1 2 paragraphs at most answer each of the following questions

Primary Source Response for Part II Test: Choose 2 of the following questions to answer. Make sure you answer all of the embedded questions.

1. According to the document Memoirs of the Holocaust, by survivors Sam Bankhakter and Hinda Kibort, what role did the ghettos play in the Final Solution and what do the their accounts of the Holocaust reveal about conditions in the camps and the inmates’ strategies for survival?

2. According to the Formation of the Cominform document, how and why did the relationship between the Soviet Union and its Western Allies change during the postwar period? What does the document mean when it describes the United States as an “imperialist” power?

3. After reading the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Vietnam, in what ways do you think WWII furthered the cause of the Viet Minh?

4. In New French Anti-Terrorist Laws, how does Chirac define terrorism and what specific measures does he propose to counter these dangers? What does this document reveal about the particular threat terrorism poses to democratic societies?

5. In A World Not Neatly Divided, what does Sen mean by “our plural identities”? Why does Sen object to dividing the world into separate civilizations? What problems does such classification present?

Part II Test, Short Answer Responses: In 1-2 paragraphs (at most) answer each of the following questions.

1. Why did decolonization follow WWII so immediately and what were the results of decolonization in European countries in terms of immigration?

2. What is the main reason why the eastern bloc communist states fell from power so swiftly in 1989 and what does the Brezhnev Doctrine have to do with this?

3. Some people argue that the nation-state is declining in 21st Century due to trends of globalization. Do you agree? Why or why not. For example, What trends suggest the nation-state was a declining institution and what evidence / trends suggest it is firmly in place.

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