My task is principles of organization and Management. In the attached file u will find all the things that need to be covered in this assignment especially the instructions of the assignment, so please read it carefully.The organization that I chose is (Al Mouj) which is located in the Sultante of Oman. Here is the link of the their website, so you can take whatever information is needed.



Assist students the nature of organizations in relation to management practices and to familiarize students with the concepts of organizational behavior and decision making in an organizational context.


1. Describe the importance of organization system approach and understand the important of having a contingency plan.

2. Learning the importance of work related attitudes and how the organization handle it inside the organization.

    Select an organization of your choice and prepare a report that covers the following areas:

  1. Organization Behaviour
    What is an Organization behaviour (10 Marks)? Describe with a relevant examples on the chosen organization. Use this viewpoint to analyse selected Organization in Oman.
  2. Theories of Organization
    a. Discuss the chosen organization according to the System Approach (15 marks).
    b. What is a Contingency plan? (5 marks) Explain a situation that occurs in the organization that you think will need a contingency plan and accordingly write a contingency plan for the situation (10 marks).
  3. Team Based working
    Discuss how the group are form and being developed in the chosen organization (20 marks).
  4. Work Related Issues
    Discuss the following work related attitudes (Job Satisfaction, Job Involvement, Organizational commitment, Perceived organizational support, and Employee engagement) in the chosen organization. Support your answer with examples (20 mark.

5. A minimum 10 question of an interview script conducted with the chosen organization should be attached to the Assignment and the finding should be discuss.

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