PsychInfo Search narrowed to approx. 25 “hits” –

PsychInfo Search narrowed to approx. 25 “hits”
Choose a topic in psychology that interests you, then narrow the topic by conducting keyword searches using the PsychInfo database. Hand in the narrowed search (a “hit list”) containing 25-30 “hits.”
Hi, You do not need to write a paper, you just need to create a reference or “hit” list which is only a list of sources. If you read the description of the assignment, it explains what you need to do. That is why it is only one or two pages and not more. Does that make sense?
Think of a topic or question in psychology that interests you and search PsychInfo for research reports on this topic. Rework your search words until the search becomes narrow and specific and generates a “hit list” of not more than 20-25 studies. Hand in the printout of your most satisfactory PsychInfo search on the narrowed, clearly defined topic. It MUST be in APA style for references. Links to articles will not be accepted.
Attach a cover sheet with your name, your topic and a paragraph on how you arrived at the current sub-topic.

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