reading journal 32

Write three reading journals for each file provided. 350 words each.

Your reading journal will be maintained on the Google Drive. These journal entries are short, informal responses to things we are reading and talking about. They can be very casual, however they should also be very thoughtful. In general, they should run somewhere between 350-500 words and should display to me that you have not only read whatever source material your response is based on but that you have processed it as well. Specificity is good. Direct references to readings are good too.

“Eating Alone” and “Eating Together.” READING JOURNAL RESPONSE: These poems are each about two things at once, something concrete and something abstract—what are the two things? How do they work together to create meaning?

chapters 8 and 9. READING JOURNAL RESPONSE: Identify the images that strike you in two poems that I provide. What makes them striking? How do they impact you emotionally, and how does that impact affect your experience with the work?

Line Breaks.

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