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re:Behavioral Genomics
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Behavioral Genomics has to do with how genes tie in with an individual’s behavior, but the more focused explanation would be understanding “how individual differences in biology affect behavior” (Friedman & Schustack, 2012, p.148). The book mentions the more common emotions or behaviors like love, fear and anger that everyone shares, but the focus really lies on how and when different individuals express their behaviors through these emotions.
I personally found that when we were children, and even past that, some part of us was always trying to mimic our parents, whether that was our mom or dad. I never believed that we were born with one type of behavior; instead, we developed our behaviors by taking in influences from all around us when we were growing up. For example, my mom was a stay-home mom when I was growing up, and she had (and still has) a very short temper. I was always described as a calm and happy kid by people I know, but after living with my mom for so long, I developed an even worse temper than she had. This is the same case for my sister, but for my brother, he developed a more mature and smart-ass behavior from hanging out with his friends for so long. And this was back in High School, where before, he had one of the most withdrawn personalities ever. So I believe that while genes might play a part in our behaviors, there is always the chance that it might change due to other influences.
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