References in term paper

Student research is not entirely the author’s work – it is based on sources and literature. In the term paper, it is imperative to indicate where the information came from – for this, a list of used literature serves.

How to compile a bibliography for a term paper

term paperTo correctly In the term paper, it is imperative to indicate where the information came from – for this, a list of used literature serves., you need to work on it in parallel with writing the main text. As soon as you have given a quotation from some source in the text, add it to the list – it is much easier than later (when the whole text is ready) to remember what was used and look for the necessary publications.

Coursework is a reasonably voluminous study. Although requirements does not determine how many items should be included in the list of references, teachers most often require at least 20-25 sources of different types.

A bibliography in a coursework usually includes:

  • Regulations
  • Textbooks and tutorials.
  • Monographs
  • Abstracts of dissertations.
  • Articles in periodicals (magazines, newspapers).
  • Articles in collections.
  • Electronic sources (sites).

It is essential that gave the course list of references on the topic indicated in the title.

Course work with a list of references should form a single whole. One should reference all sources in the text.

How to make a list of sources in the term paper

The bibliography begins on a new page with a heading at the top. You can find the following options for spelling the title:

  • List of references.
  • List of used literature.
  • List of sources used.
  • Literature
  • Literature and sources.

Locate the list of used literature in the coursework in a specific order. There are several approaches to the arrangement of records:

  • Sources not divided into types, at first they indicate the references at letter A, then at the letter B and further to the end of the alphabet. Sources in foreign languages ​​are placed at the end.
  • By category. First, all regulatory legal acts are written out, then books (monographs, textbooks, manuals, dissertation abstracts), followed by articles (in journals, scientific collections) and the list ends with electronic sources. Alphabetical ordering is performed within each of the groups.
  • In order of use. Sources are arranged in the order they are mentioned in the text. If several references are made to one seed in the course work, then the number in the list of references is affected by the first mention.

In the course work, draw the list of references according to the samples given in the requirements.


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