research based project and presentation

Your final assignment in this course is a written research-based project and presentation. For this project, select a publicly traded company (or use the company for which you currently work) and clearly identify the need for logistics and management goals. In your final project:

  • Offer 3-5 specific examples of each mode of logistics and transportation of goods for that company (i.e., management logistics via rail, air, OTR, etc.).
  • Explain how the program will be organized and staffed – how do you staff and operate the various modes of logistics.
  • Identify both internal and stakeholders of the program. Who benefits from each element of the logistical program?
  • Discuss strategies for vesting participants in the program (i.e. how does your company create value added to the company for management and logistics efficiency)
  • Identify and justify 3-5 specific metrics that will be used to assess program effectiveness.
  • Discuss how you could use the standards in the logistics and management framework to design and conduct a program evaluation – how well will you decide you did during a project (consider RFID).
  • Discuss what program managers do when justifying conclusions and making recommendations in a program evaluation.
  • Include any other details that you feel are relevant.

Your final research paper should be at least 10 pages in length must draw content from at least 6 recent (no more than 5 years old) scholarly journal articles. Follow APA format and provide citations all for references used.

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