research questions csr

For this assignment, consider the essential differences between normative and positive research. Once you are satisfied that you understand the essential differences in purpose and structure of normative and positive research questions, consider how both normative and positive questions might apply to the organization that you are studying (Mcdonalds) and complete the following:

Formulate six questions that relate to the CSR strategy that you identified in Unit 4. Include three (3) normative research questions, and three (3) positive research questions, for a total of six (6).
Clearly indicate which three of the six questions are normative, and which three are positive.
Be careful not to construct simple “yes/no” questions for this exercise. Then answer the questions.

Your paper should also meet the following requirements 1–2 typed and double-spaced content pages, Times New Roman 12 pt

references may include both scholarly literature and practitioner sources.

APA (6th edition)

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