Scene Analysis for Medea Lines 96-211 –

Topic: Scene Analysis for Medea Lines 96-211
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Prepare and submit a scene analysis of about 1000 words. Your analysis must adopt good essay structure: it should state a thesis and develop a coherent, analytic argument to support it; it should include an introduction with a thesis, a body of supporting arguments, and a conclusion.
In your scene analysis, consider the following, if relevant, to the passage you have chosen. Review the definitions provided in the “Prologue” of your Study Guide if you need to clarify any of these terms.
Defining the Action
list of events (development and climax)
significance of events in terms of the tragic or comic situation
rhythm (movement and stillness)
emotional development (tension and relaxation)
place and time
presentation (how the characters define themselves, how they are defined by others)
degree of self-awareness
characters’ main argument or point of view—relationship to main action—function in the scene
interaction with other characters (conflict)
significance of names
as an expression of character
style of language (prosaic or poetic, direct or indirect)
use of allusion
rhythm (recurring patterns)
monologue or soliloquy
debate or discussion
introduction, development, conclusion
dramatic foreshadowing—irony
dramatic interest (expectation, gratification, unpredictability)
spatial (in the set or properties)
total effect of the scene

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