Software Testing Capstone Work

Question Description

You and your testing team have been tasked with testing a new benefits application that is being developed. Your company uses a flexible benefits plan, allowing company employees to customer their heal benefit plan based on personal preferences. The benefits application is expected to go live in 3 months.

Your company’s Human Resources department uses a cafeteria-style approach to provide employees with health care benefits. Each September, employees review their current benefits, modify their elections and then sign election forms. Any changes must be entered and tracked in the benefits application. For medical insurance, an employee enrolls with a preferred provider organization (PPO) or health maintenance organization (HMO). The company currently pays the monthly medical premiums for its employees. However, if an employee enrolls in a dental plan or vision plan, the employee pays a modest monthly premium for the optional plan. An employee may carry medical, dental, and/or vision coverage for one or more of his or her family members. In order to carry insurance on a family member, the employee must carry the same coverage. For example, to carry dental insurance on a spouse, the employee must also carry dental insurance on him or herself.

The benefits application must track employee information like employee ID, department ID, name, address information and office extension number. It must also track information about each insurance company to include the company number and company name. Dependent information and their relationship to the insured employee must also be tracked. An employee must be able to request an enrollment form, and Human Resources must be able to update the effective date of the health benefits on the form. In addition, the application must track the health care benefits rates for PPO and HMO, plus dental and vision rates. Benefits rates differ by employee only, employee + spouse, employee + spouse + one child, and employee + family.

Testing Assignment Description:

  • Review the testing assignment scenario.
  • Using all of the testing techniques, methods, processes and tools learned throughout the semester, complete a comprehensive plan for testing which incorporates all of the following elements:
    • User stories/requirements for testing
    • Static and dynamic testing techniques
    • Test conditions, test cases and potential test scripts
    • Test design to include white box and black box techniques
    • Exploratory testing plans
    • Functional test plan or full test plan
    • Test effort estimates.
    • Testing team roles and resources
    • Plan for incident management and reporting
    • Key metrics that you plan to measure and report on
    • Risk analysis
  • Generate a written report that includes these components or compile a PowerPoint presentation. This should be a professional and comprehensive report or presentation that you would turn into your employer.
  • Be sure to explain throughout the paper/presentation why you chose certain techniques or approaches over others. Also explain any assumptions you made as you performed the assignment.

Milestone #3:

Continue developing your written report or PowerPoint presentation. you need to have the following elements added:

  • Test effort estimates
  • Testing team roles and resources
  • Plan for incident management and reporting
  • Key metrics you plan to measure and report on
  • Risk analysis

Requirement : 5 – 6 Pages 

Deadline : 5 Days. 

Note : Please Consider that I am giving 5 days time., So, $20 is the maximum that i can pay for this assignment. 

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