I need some help responding to the two other classmate’s posts. The only requirements are: 150 words (each), substantial, thoughtful, creative responses to the posts of other classmates. One relevant, scholarly and legitimate resource (in-text and reference) per response. Basically, just something that adds to their discussion posts. Their discussion posts are below:

1. “The Allegory of the Cave symbols are listed out below by how they relate to me and how can I apply the knowledge: The Cave reminds me of the womb of my mother from which I was born. The knowledge applied from the cave in relationship to my mother represents the familiarity and comfort of being inside the womb much like the characters who were born into the cave.

The Light inside the Cave reminds me of the supernatural power that breathed life into my fetus and the life that flickered within my tiny body before birth.

The prisoners are the thoughts inside my head. Because I am alone in the Cave/womb all I have are my thoughts that manifested dreams and other figures.

The Chains remind me of the inability to walk or crawl as an infant and unable to leave the womb as I am not yet free.

The Prisoner being dragged is the moment I am delivered into the new world.

The Philosophic teacher is the doctor who assists and lures me out of the cave, my comfort zone and all I know to be familiar and safe. The unknown is scary.

The Shadows represent my emotions as I am experiencing sensory overload and the mind playing tricks with my fear of the unknown.

The Objects that are casting the shadows are my first thoughts and mind trying to make sense of what is going on.

The People casting the shadows are the beings who contributed to my existence such as God (supernatural power).

People near the exit of the cave are other beings who await their own rebirth. By watching my birth they are reminded of their own initial journey from their very own cave.

Outside of the cave I am born into reality and face to face with the elements. No longer protected and sheltered from the womb.

This knowledge can be applied to understanding one’s existence as it pertains to the mystical function aspect of the unseen world and our first memories of what it was like to go from womb to world. I think the mystical facets are those moments just before birth where we are semi-consciously aware of our surroundings.”

2. “The first thing came to mind after studying Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Was the sacred land at the heart of the dispute the news story of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, North Dakota.

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation is sacred burial ground and water supply. This is a significant history event, that represent in my opinion the similarities to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Since a lot of the media information about the situation didn’t really come to light, until individual media streamers showed the world.

The Cave- The unknowing of the what’s going on in the world. Only the headline news of the local news media.

The Light inside the Cave- The light represents the media to me. Only showing one side and not showing the whole truth. Then quickly changing the subject to celebrate garbage. The light is for merely for entertainment purposes.

The Prisoners- We the people are the prisoners of the media. Only seeing one side of the story. Not getting all information. Always forced to focus on the new trends, fashion, and shows. The prisoners are never in control of the light.

The Chains- Only being able to see the story from one perspective. Once the chains are broken, the prisoners finally trying to understanding of the whole truth.

The prisoner bring dragged- Being shown the different perspective in the same story. Being shown the true, realistic, sometimes horrify truth left in the dark. Sometime the truth is too much for people to realize and are unwilling to submit to the truth.

The philosophic teacher- The person who trying to show you( the prisoner) the truth, the teacher. Social media, protestors at the site showing the world, what’s actually going on.

The shadows- The fake fantasy of a perfect world. The lies behind the ugly truth.

The objects that cast the shadows- The delusions of perfections of this world. The object represent, the delusion of how the world should be. Stereotyping people.

The people casting the shadows- The government controlling the media. So the prisoner won’t interfere with the shadows.

People near the exit of the cave- These people can either be the good or bad. They can either be the teachers, trying to show you the truth. Or the people in power trying to hide you from the truth.

Outside of the cave- The loud awaking of the truth of the world. Now media, is finally showing both sides, since the public already published it though social media.”

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