the role of stress in human relations research paper

This paper will be in APA-format, and will be based off of the readings, as well as your own research into a topic that is covered in class It is 6-8 pages double-spaced and I will deduct point for less than 6 pages and significantly more than 8 pages. Important: your page count does not include a title page, abstract, or a references page, all of which are necessary to receive full points.

If it helps, think of this paper as a miniature literature review; review and cite sources to give me a fuller picture of the topic you have decided to develop deeper into. This is a fairly open ended paper so feel free to put a spin on any topics covered in the McCann text. However, note that unlike our other papers this is not a personal reflection paper and should not use personal pronouns (i.e. I, me, myself, etc.).

I have provided a link below that gives psychology databases that NMSU recommends and makes available for students, I personally prefer PsycArticles. You are expected to cite at least 5 scholarly and peer-reviewed sourcesfor your paper (you may include the McCann text as one of your sources). The easiest way to assure that the source is appropriate is to click “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals” option in the search screen of the database you choose. When you cite a source please do not quote directly from your source but rather paraphrase, or put the cited author’s information into your own words. I do NOT want to read other people’s words, I want to read your words that are based on your research. Assure that you use APA in-text citations or you will be flagged for plagiarism.

This paper is to further your understanding and application of the materials covered in this course, as well as provide an opportunity to practice writing an APA research paper in an online format for professional development.

Recommended Databases via NMSU Library: (Links to an external site.)

Topic :The Role of Stress in Human Relations

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