Theatre project


• You are required to chart the progression of life from cosmic dust through the stages of life that lead back to dust in a three-minute to four minutes prepared peace based upon your creative vision of life, death and the creative spirit.

• Through research and your own passions, you will pick lines and verses from literature (secular, religious, dramatic, poetical and popular—anything in print) and weave together a text.

• Using the physical and vocal work covered this course as a foundation, you will give the text you create a dynamic and varied life.

• Start with the ethereal and then move through the stages of life from childhood to old age— perhaps the return to etherealness after death. Your only limits are you creativity. Examine Shakespeare’s stages of man if your need some guidance.

• Make create bold physical and supported vocal choices. You must go into minutia. Generalities lead you nowhere on the stage.

• Create elements of life as far from your own physical, vocal and personality type as possible. Play with the concepts of rhythm and voice as each section of life you explore. 


5min theater project design

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