this is for my nutrition class it should be two pages long double spaced 1 5 i will attach my first assignment that i did it is pretty much similar to this assignment

Diet Analysis Assignment 2

• Download the My Fitness Pal App to record your diet for one day.

o Record everything you ate all day (including snacks).
o Click‘More’onthebottomrightofthescreenandclick‘Nutrition’(thisshould

be done on the app).
o At the top, click on the date and make sure you have selected ‘Day View’

and change the day to the proper day.
o At the top, click on ‘Nutrients’. You must recreate this table in Microsoft

Word. Be sure it is aesthetically pleasing.
o This must be embedded within your reflection paper.

• Write a 2-3 page reflection paper on your food diary using Microsoft Word. Your paper should be double spaced and 12 point Arial font.

o Your paper should be well written in essay form and include proper grammar and spelling. Consider using the Writing Center for proof reading.o Use appropriate organization, which includes an introduction and a

conclusion paragraph.
o Consider grouping the nutrients by their respective group (i.e., macro-

and/or micro- nutrient).
o You must discuss each category listed on your table. Discuss specifically

why My Fitness Pal app only lists these select nutrients.
o You must also discuss your goal, whether or not you met your goal, and why or why not for each nutrient. This includes highlighting specific food

items that helped or prevented you from reaching your goal.
o Ifyoucomeupshortorgooveryourgoalforacertainnutrient,indicatewhat health ramifications may exist if this were to continue for an extended period

of time (if any).

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