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To prepare for writing up your DDP, it is recommended that you keep a research diary or log, documenting your development as a researcher in the programme modules and setting forth future development goals. This log or diary can serve as the basis for continued reflection as you progress through the programme, which will then support your completion of the DDP.
The following questions could be used to structure your research diary or log, relating to your experiences and learning on this module:
• How did my work in this module cause me to critically reflect on my basic assumptions and to consider changing my practice and the mental models on which it is based?
• Where am I on my journey in my development as a doctoral researcher?
• How have I developed as a reflexive researcher? What does this mean for me at this stage of the programme?
• What research methodologies have I utilised in this module? Why have I used those methodologies over others?
• How have I collaborated on the co-creation of knowledge in the team or in the workplace?
• How prepared am I to engage in the types of research I learned about or practiced in the module? In what areas might I need to further develop my research skills and knowledge?
• In what specific ways might I develop my capacity to engage in research?
Develop for yourself a systematic approach toward keeping your research diary or log; the most effective approach is usually to write regularly and often.

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