week 12




2. Watch the required and optional videos.  There are several videos this week, so rather than make the framework very long by including all of them here, I have put them in a separate item on the main moodle page for this week (you will see it listed after the framework.).There are six required videos, two optional videos, and four Excel videos that are either optional or required depending on your expertise in Excel.

Reference Handouts: ( in the attachment )  Quantitative Statistics Reference 

Handout: Using Excel for Statistics (in the attachment ) 



1. There is no required assignment this week. 

2. There are several optional bonus assignments this week. The purpose of these bonus assignments is to encourage you to practice using the descriptive (and inferential) statistics we covered this week.  There are three bonus assignments.  You must do them in order (i.e. do not complete only assignment 3). You can choose to do zero, one, two, or three bonus assignments.  Feel free to discuss your assignment with your peers and/or share your assignment with your peers to get feedback before submitting the assignment. You will submit your completed spreadsheet to the submission links for this week.

Bonus Assignment 1  (in the attachment ) 

2 bonus points possible.

(There is one possible bonus point for answering questions 1-5. There is another possible bonus point for answering question 6 (correlation).)


Bonus Assignment 2 in the attachment )

3 bonus points total. 

(There is one possible bonus point for answering questions 1-5. There is another possible bonus point for answering question 6 (correlation). There is another possible bonus point for answering question 7.)

Bonus Assignment 3 in the attachment )

4 bonus points total. 

(There is one possible bonus point for answer questions 1-3. There are three possible bonus points for answering question 4.)



Forum Discussion

  • Discuss your questions, insights, bonus assignments, (and new found love of statistics), and how this will help you in your current role.





For the response ( response to these disscusion )


First disscusion 

I have dealt with statistics before in engineering, seems like I have to relearn the terminology and definitions whenever I us it. I have used Excel and Moodle in doing grades, and with this data it is easy to put this into a statistical graph. This information can help improve my class, if it is set up right. 

The thing that I feel that need to watch out for is using skude data. I like the statement, garbage in is garbage out. I can see this with Ordinal data, and have never thought about how it is not creatable data. The problem looks like, this data does not a set point and set standard. The funny part of this is our student evaluations are done this way.





second disscusion



I have never disliked the utilization of statistics, particularly the descriptive statistics utilized in the bonus assignments. For me it’s the inferential statistics beyond correlations that can get complicated. Performing research that involves a research design, sample sizes and dependant and independent variables along with the associated proper statistical tests is always confusing. The descriptive statistics that involve central tenancy are very helpful for the assessment of many classroom questions. For example it is very beneficial to analyze data to describe and interpret the results of an evaluation.  Statistics can easily lead instructors and students down a path to improve their evaluations or the students understanding of the content. It is exciting to think that the gathering of information following a test or survey can be analyzed and shared by multiple stakeholders to present an overall summary, picture or story.  I believe that the statistics utilized in the assessment of student evaluations offers instructors an excellent opportunity to organize and measure information not only as individuals but with the additional collaboration of others. Students or other managers or trainers can look at the same data and make inferences regarding the statistics and charts regarding the data to make improvements or identify areas of strength or weakness 

     I have more problems and concerns with the use of excel in the mechanics of setting up the equations than I do the actual statistics.  I have a strong liking of statistics if someone else or some other software program is providing the statistical information for me. The software I use is datawise. After the students take an exam the software analyzes all of the statistics, standard deviation, measures of central tendency, range distribution, and correlations along with 2 or 3 nice graphs to give a quick visual representation. I do not need to enter information into cells, format, or copy and provide any Excel spreadsheet formulas. Don’t get me wrong, working with Excel is really beneficial and can allow an instructor the ability to custom design the gathering and evaluation of their students’ data. The problem is taking the time to set up, enter data and navigate through the program to even get to the point of evaluating the statistics. 

     Working through the statistics from a hands on standpoint in Excel during the bonus assignments gave me a much stronger understanding of how the statistical information is developed from the data and what each statistic actually means. Working in the Excel spreadsheet and setting up formulas from the data created a stronger understanding of what each statistical piece is measuring and how powerful or relevant the statistical measure is for proper evaluation and decision making.  I believe that if you cannot measure it, then you cannot properly manage it. Statistics gives us a unique and precise means to gather and measure significant amounts of data efficiently for enhanced interpretation. 

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