Research the following:

What do organizations look for when they are seeking top management talent, other than experience? In other words, what knowledge, skills, and abilities are required for someone to excel in building successful organizations?

This must be extensive, include at least twenty (20) references and summarize the major points in each, including why the concepts in the article are essential to great management.

Conclude your paper with an overall summary of your findings.

Finally, make sure you include a bibliography of all of your sources in ASA format.

In other words, come up with 20 references and comment on each using the criteria above using bulleted points – I do not need full sentences. They only need to be one paragraph long for each source you find. Finally, the conclusion section will also need to be in bulleted points. There needs to be enough to fill one paragraph each. In other words, about 100 words for each source + conclusion in bullet points.

Please complete in a timely manner as there is a strict deadline.

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