Which tennis court surface (hard court or clay court) best reduces risk of knee injuries? (continued) – GradSchoolPapers.com

Which tennis court surface (hard court or clay court) best reduces risk of knee injuries? (continued)
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Chapter 3: Methodology –
In this section (3-4 pages) describe how you would approach answering the question “which tennis court surface (hard court or clay court)best reduces risk of knee injuries?. Include information and opinion from experts and researchers you have read in your review of the literature. Introduce conflicting or contradictory information. Make your argument about what you believe to be true about this topic. Talk about how you would construct a study, whether you would review existing data, conduct a survey or do a statistical analysis of existing information. Justify your approach for the reader.
Include discussion of the following critical elements of your study: Terms and Assumptions
Population and Sample
Research Design
Data Collection
Reliability and Validity of the Instruments
Reliability and Validity of the Methodology
Data Analysis
Chapter 4: Anticipated Findings –
In this section (2-3 pages) you must discuss what you anticipate finding and how you will use the findings to advance knowledge in the area of study you have chosen. Make your predictions based on your review of the literature, expert opinion and your professional experience. Discuss the statistical treatment you used in the methodology, and your analysis of what that data should show. Feel free to predict whether your findings would give valid data that is repeatable.
Chapter 5: Professional Implications –
In this section (1-2 pages) while this entire study is only hypothetical, please report this section as a summary of your ideas, conclusions regarding your idea, the supporting documents and how you think your idea will be realized (proven, not proven, inconclusive, new questions that have come from your literature search). Discuss the implications for your profession or specific area of interest.

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