write a 1 page paper minimum 250 words on one of the following scientists


Write a 1 page paper, minimum 250 words on one of the following scientists:

Niels Bohr

Robert Boyle

St. Elmo Brady

George Washington Carver

Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles

Marie Curie

Pierre Curie

John Dalton

Percy Julian

Antoine Lavoisier

Marie-Anne Lavoisier

Ernest Rutherford

Erwin Schrodinger

J J Thomson

Be sure to include the person’s birth and death years, what country they were born in, what country they worked in mainly (if it is different from where they were born), what their occupation was (if they had one besides being a scientist).

Those are just some specific facts you should include. The main body of the paper should describe the person’s life and discuss what their main scientific contributions were. Don’t include phrases you don’t understand, like “piezoelectric effect”.

Be sure to cite your references. No credit without references.

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