Write a substantial essay of at least five paragraphs by hand in the blue book provided. Pick one prompt and
address all of the questions in it, but do not necessarily force yourself to organize the paragraphs around the order
of the questions. Don’t quote from sources and don’t use secondary sources, but you should refer to specific
examples from the primary texts.

A. Compare/contrast and evaluate the ways in which Jesse and Celine in Before Sunrise communicate to
Nora/Torvald (A Doll’s House) and David/Eva (Tell Me a Riddle). After performing your comparative
analysis, what conclusions do you draw about how couples in relationships do/don’t/should

B. Apply Carl Jung’s The Stages of Life to an interpretation of both Before Sunrise and My Dinner With Andre.
Identify the stages of life that each character is at. How do Jung’s ideas help you to understand each
character more perceptively?

C. Use My Dinner with Andre as a tool to interpret one of the texts we read this semester. Identify and
describe three key ideas in the film and use them in your analysis.

D. Explain the conflicts between the viewpoints of Wally and Andre. Which character from My Dinner with
Andre do you identify with the most and why? Does the ending of the film resolve the conflict? Is either
character changed by the conversation they have shared? How does the Sherry Turkle lecture Reclaiming
Conversation help you to understand this film?

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