write an argumentative essay on the topic listed below

It should be about 8 pages long (double-spaced, one side of the page, 12-point font, stapled). Concentrate on creating a real argument, not just listing observations about the works (I should be able to disagree with your paper, while still thinking it’s good work). As with your short paper, end your opening paragraph with a question; answer that question in the conclusion.


This course has considered towards two very different approaches to the relationship between a work of art and its audience: Interactivity and Alienation. The first approach holds that art is improved or intensified via an interactive relationship, that an artwork is a kind of partnership; the second implies that art should work against its audience, not letting them slip into escapist pleasure or consume an artwork mindlessly. Un Chien Andalou, for example, knowingly alienates and disturbs its audience: it doesn’t see them as friendly collaborators in making the meaning of the work, but a group that needs to be attacked or challenged. Choose two works, one that embraces interactivity and the other alienation, and make an argument about which is more successful and why. At least one of the works should be one that we studied in class.

Alienation- (Othello by William Shakespeare)

Interactivity- (Boyhood; Film by Richard Linklater) (Or if you find a better piece other than Boyhood, that is fine for this one. It can be any interactivity piece.)

  1. Remember, the essay has to have an opening paragraph that ends with a question, and then you answer that question in the conclusion.
  2. Grammar
  3. Don’t summarize the works. Analyze the works.
  4. Don’t repeat yourself. Once you’ve made a point, keep moving.
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