write swot and steep analyses for saudi bank

Strategic Management Rubric



Brief introduction includes Information about the company(National Commercial Bank NCB), activities and operation of the company.


Financial performance for last five years, market share, figures and curves that describe performance of the company.

Choose one company(other Bank like Aljazera Bank BAJ or Saudi Investments Bank SAIB) and compare it with its competitor from the same industry(strength and weaknesses for each company) to identify the current state of the company and describe strategies that used by the company on the competition.

PESTEL analysis:

(based on Saudi market ) how it affect the company and how it can create problem to the company


(based on Saudi market )

Key finding:

( five to six not more …


That solve problems of key finding ( don’t provides solution for problems or about something not on the key finding)

Main objectives:

1- what the company doing.

2- challenges that face the company.

3- what is the company strength points and how it helps on creating the strategy of the company.


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