case analysis 374

Case Notes are intended to facilitate class discussion and can be written in any format (bulleted lists, random scribbles, etc.). These are your chance to practice the analytical frameworks (VRIO, 5-forces, CAGE, etc.) in connection with that day’s case. You should also use these to practice problem formulation and providing a recommended course of action (solution). These are graded on effort, not correctness, but should be 2-3 pages of work in length.

20 points each, earned as follows:

• 10 pts – Analysis using Frameworks and Concepts from text book

• 5 pts – Problem Formulation

• 5 pts – Recommended Actions

Here are the frameworks/concepts to practice. This is the minimum. You can always practice frameworks not listed if you want to improve your abilities in them as well.

• Case Notes #5: Governance Mechanisms the company is merck pharmaceuticals

o Select a company (public) of your choice. Assess all four of the corporate governance mechanisms from chapter 12 as they apply to the company you have chosen. To do this, find online materials that inform these issues. For example, you can find bios for members of the Board of Directors online.

o The four mechanisms are: board of directors, executive compensation, market for corporate control, and regulators/auditors/media/etc.

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