Communication Topim AQuestion of Shane –

Subjech Communication Topim AQuestion of Shane
Academic Level: Professional
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Any employee communication plan you develop Will have to involve D- Emmett Shane. That means you’ll have to build it partly around his
communication skills.nnYou previously suggested that Shane give a company-wide webcast- You’ve also gone around the company. collecting
employee reactions, and you have learned more about how D- Emmett communicates in other situations. Listen to each employee and think about
the implications for your communication plan- Read the excerpts here:n nShane: I’d like to thank all of you for being here
today. As you may know, the CE familynhas grown considerably in the past year. We added four new plants and 5500nnew employees in three
states- Our profit margins are up, our stock price is up,nwe’ve reduced costs and uh we now have RONA numbers that are in the flrstnquartile for
our industry-nNow we are facing another merger-this time adding three new plants in threenstates and 4600 new CE family members- I am. um.
personally committed tonmaking this merger work and I know I have the right team in place- These arenguys Who have been leaders at CE for 20
years. I understand we’ve a long roadnahead of us but in CE tradition. I. uh, know we’ll all pull together because wenwant CE to be the best-n
nDepartment HeadnCan you believe today’s meeting? I was in the middle of brieflng Shane and thenrest of the group When he jumped to the
fifteenth slide and asked me about salesnfigures- There I am, stuttering like an idiot in front of the Whole team, trying to findnlast quarter’s
numbers. If he’s always gonna do that, I don’t know Why he evennasks for formal presentations-mnFactory Floor WorkernLast Winter Shane was
walking around the factory floor, no stupid VPs hangingnaround him, just wandering around on his own and talking to people. He came bynmy
station and asked me about the generator I was building. I mean, he KNEWnthat piece of equipment. He talked about the program it was for. Who
thencustomer was, he even kneW the competition’s machine and Why ours waSnbetter. I gotta hand it to him, I was impressed. Maybe he really
does know Whatnthis company is about.nnSales StaffernI’m glad they served coffee at Shane’s webcast- He went on and on and finally Injust
tuned him out- I can’t believe it was the same guy Who was so great at ournteam lunch last week- He kneW everyone’s name and even asked
Schneidernabout his kid’s soccer tryout. But in that video, I don’t know, he seemed totally outnof touch-n nnBased on
What you read, think about the implications for your communication plan-

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