Corporate Strategy: Strategic Company Analysis Report –

Corporate Strategy: Strategic Company Analysis Report
For the selected organisation, which is: “Moss Bros” in Fashion/Clothes industry, assume you are an outside consultancy reporting to the Chief Executive. The Strategic Company Analysis Report should-
1. (Research) Identify 3 key strategic issues facing the organisation and explain why they are “strategic” (20%).
2. (Main one) Analyse the resources and key capabilities of the organisation, the culture, how it works, the industry it is in, broad general intro to the company, its divisions plus
the factors that give the company its competitive advantage. (40%)
3. (Your opinion) Assess the extent to which the organisation’s competitive strategy
addresses its strategic issues, and suggest improvements where they
might be justified. (30%)
– Researching the company.
– Focusing on the questions
– Annual report account, investor relations.
– Strategic reports.
– Financial Times (Newspaper)
– Look for your company in the index.
Best answers will draw explicitly on strategic concepts and analysis from the module and apply them to the organisation. Clear referencing (Harvard system), professional presentation with appropriate diagrams/tables are required.
May I please get a separate draft, answering only the first question (Research).
It may consist similar material to the main report.
Thank you for your assistance.

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