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Intercultural Management
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Unit 1
1. Research one of the major Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs). How has it helped in reducing trade barriers and in improving global economy? What roles can multinationals play to further your chosen RTA’s objectives?
2. Look for an article about a multinational company’s management failure in a foreign country caused by poor adaptation to the cultural environment. Provide suggestions for what could have been done to prevent the failure
3. Conduct research on the technological environment. Identify the recent developments in technology affecting business and propelling globalization. What problems/challenges have arisen regarding use of the Internet for the global business environment and what probable solutions can you suggest?
4. The operations of multinational managers are made complex given the diverse cultural environments in which they operate. Research Hosfede’s findings in any of the BRIC countries relating to the five dimensions of power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, masculinity, and time orientation. How do they compare with those of the United States? What country-specific factors account for the differences? What impacts would they have on your management operations?

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