Provide      a through documentation collection and analysis details


1-Qualitative data are words, instead of numbers. According to Burns, Gray and Grove (2015) “Qualitative research is a systematic approach used to describe experiences and situations from the perspective of the person in the situation. The researcher analyzes the words of the participant, finds meaning in the words, and provides a description of the experience that promotes deeper understanding of the experience”. Initially you want to state the purpose of the study. In a Qualitative study there are different types of perspectives that can be associated with a qualitative study.  Phenomenological, grounded theory, ethnographic, exploratory-descriptive, qualitative and historical are types of research (Grove, 2015).  To assist with the management of the study, according to White, Oleke, and Friesen (2012) they had eight recommendation as follow

  • Have      one person manages and organize the study.
  • Provide      a through documentation collection and analysis details
  • Strict      timeline for data collection, coding and analysis
  • Use      of iterative process for data collection and analysis
  • Comprehensive      internal audits
  • communications      among all members of the team
  • resources      are to be utilized to meet dead line
  • re-assess      and determine if any changes need to be made.

According to Burns, Gray and Grove (2015) when collecting research, a way to manage the data is by organizing the information into themes and subthemes to form meaning from the data. Data analysis and interpretation allows the researcher to place the findings into the correct category, finding correlation or the non-correlation of the data being obtained.  They must be consistent with the method and the philosophy of the study, allow the data and meaning to be revealed, thus demonstrating the rigor of the study.


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