Theoretical Case Conceptualization –

Topic: Theoretical Case Conceptualization
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Theoretical Case Conceptualization
Explain how you understand your client through the lens of the theory you are currently working with (Reality Therapy/Choice Theory). Consider the session over time. Use your theory chart to guide your thinking. Be specific (2-3 double spaced pages).
1. What does theory tell you about the cause of your client’s problem? Use language relevant to the theory (e.g. Choice theory/Reality Therapy (CT/RT): Quality world, needs, perceived world, total behavior.
2. Based on your theory, what techniques/skills did you use when working with this client? Use language relevant to the therapy (e.g. CT/RT: Creating environment,WDEP, SAMIC3.
3. Use the major concepts of the theory to explain, discuss, examine and diagnose the functioning of the client (if needed). When diagnosing, please be sure to discuss the signs and symptoms of the client to demonstrate your awareness of the process used to practice diagnosing.

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